Qwest International Communications

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Most organizations that operate in different sectors of the economy are expected to manage their operations profitably in order to remain in business for a long time. Adequate research should be carried out in order to ensure that the goals and objectives of an organization are carried out in an appropriate manner.


Qwest International Company is a public telecommunications company that provides services such as wireless services, video and internet services as well as short and long distance communications to both individual and wholesale consumers. It has achieved its objective in conjunction with other players such as Verizon wireless and Direct Television. The company is also involved in sub letting of properties such as warehouses and offices. Its headquarter are located in Denver, Colorado but operations are well spread out to over fourteen states in the United States some of which are South Dakota, Oregon, Wyoming, Minnesota, Arizona, Idaho, Iowa, New Mexico, Nebraska, Utatah and Montana.
The company is headed by a Chief Executive Officer by name Edward Mueller who also serves as the chairman to the Board of Directors of the company, and under him are over 38,000 employees. These employees are involved in provision of services that are world class in nature. Qwest International Company has been listed in the stock exchange and with a symbol of New York Stock Exchange (NYSE): Q and revenue of over $13.8 billion in the financial year 2007 (Handley 264).
Qwest Communications International specializes in ...
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