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Case Study Analysis Paper - Essay Example

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In this case, there has clearly been a misunderstanding between Mr. Robins and the company. It is clear that he did not understand fully how integration worked, or what he was supposed to plan and follow through with. While Mr. Robins is facing several problems, his primary concern needs to be providing quality training to the individuals he has hired…

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Case Study Analysis Paper

Robins should have taken initiative to discover what his job would entail him to do. Since he had not, ideally someone else should have helped him to understand, and walked him through his first integration, so that no mistakes were made. Because so little paperwork has been completed, and it is unclear who should have completed the paperwork and scheduled physicals for the new employees, Mr. Robins will need to step up and complete the work himself.
While there are several solutions, there are two that seem the most likely to be successful. First, Mr. Robins could go and speak to Ms. Carrolls, the woman for whom he hired the employees, and outright admit his mistake. Then, working together they could revise the timeline and determine what, if any, the consequences should be for his mistakes. Ms. Carrolls is also the most likely source of information as to who (if any one else is at fault) should have been helping him, and address those problems. The second, and more likely solution, is that Mr. Robins needs to pull it together. He should make a list of what he needs to complete, and put aside other work until he has fixed his errors. This solution allows him to complete his work on time, and not inconvenience Ms. Carrolls, or the newly hired workers.
Mr. ...
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