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What base of power does Joyce Roberts use?
Joyce Roberts protects and supports Conrad King because she also is doing the same thing - politicking. The team members in Marion Chemical are into this “art” - politicking, that each one is trying to outsmart the other to get what he or she wants. Joyce supports and exchanges favors with Conrad, and is being promoted into higher position.
c. What is Sarah Thomson’s base of power?
Sarah’s entrance as new Team Leader is not a welcome move to many. But is trying to use his supervisory power and charisma to get what she wants, and since she is still new, all she wants is for everybody to be fair. She expects valuable information so she can work straight, but many (of the teams) seemed to be secretive. Politicking is not yet into her fold. She is not involved in what everyone seems to be doing. Not yet. She is intelligent and well-respected chemist, and could push her way and Marion’s policies, which seems to be blurred at the moment, for the company’s progress. Somehow, she discovers she is falling into a trap, and she has to get hold of something in order to also force her will. What could this be? Marion is falling. Politics is in every corner.
d. What is Ron’s base of power?
Ron is considered a loser. He was a Sales Representative for six years, but now he is promoted the new Manager of New Research. It seems he’s into the game of politicking, finally, though he’s got this promotion after such a long time. The culture, the unwritten norm, states

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that for anyone who is not promoted for two years is considered a loser....
Conrad's dictating him.
2. Do you see politics in this case Discuss.
Surely there is so much of politics involved. All the elements of the "art of politics" are present here. Conrad withholds information, exchanges favors with Joyce, and Joyce plays the game too, after all she earns her promotion. So she tells Sarah, who is so new in Marion, to just follow Conrad. Sarah gets confused. She must be. She thought they are one big team, but everybody's working for his own advancement. There is power struggle and no clear management. If someone wants to get hold or buys an equipment, he/she has to call some influential personality like Conrad to be successful with it. Management seems to condone with it. Somebody has to move to save the company.
3. What are the negative outcomes resulting from use of power and politics at Marion. Positive
Marion is falling. Politics is in every corner. You can expect that this would be going on - exchange of favors, withholding of information, trying to get some leverage for some deal, instead of promoting Marion policies. But there are no clear policies here. Conrad has his own policies. Sarah comments that Conrad seems to be building his own empire. Company advancement would be stalled, perhaps, this could even result to its downfall. If everybody is competing against everybody, this is going to be the company's collapse, or it will remain as mediocre as ever. They are not working as a team but as competitors against everybody. There is nothing positive in this set up. That's why Marion has become the mediocre chemical company that it is.
4. What do you recommend Sarah do now Be specific.
Sarah must be able to persuade everyone that if they really


In the meeting Sarah called, one team member remarked, “He (referring to Conrad King) seemed to know which button to push and how much information to share with each manager.” Clear! Conrad is into politicking to get what he wants. He also passes information for some leverage in company dealings…
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