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Helping Abused and Traumatized Children

Dr. Gil presents three models of hers; expressive, cognitive-behavioral, and family therapy
The article is basically complementing the book written by Dr. Eliana Gil hence it provides specific material provided in the book to prove that the book written by Dr. Gil is a special piece of work that would help the people in the related field. The book is full of interesting and effective case studies that give a practical touch to the book.
Though the book is a very detailed and informative resource on the subject but the reviewer does agree that books of this type that deal with complex issues such as traumatized and abused children have natural limitation and challenges.
As this book contains qualitative theories and models but does not have the capacity to enable the reader to implement these models and theories in practical situation this proves to be a natural limitation because all books of this type have the same limitation.
The book contains terms that are technical to the extent that a beginner would have difficulty in comprehending them. Although in depth case studies have been provided within the book but the book would have been better if more case studies would have been provided.
The article tells us that Dr. ...
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This article is a review of a book written by Dr. Eliana Gil. It discusses about the experience of Dr. Gil on treating traumatized and abused children. She also addresses special key issues that are likely to occur to those who work in this field whether they have just started working or have been working in this field for a long time…
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