Social Skills Development in Early Childhood

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Performing the duties of a teacher in a primary school, catering to young kids, it is very important to develop an understanding about their basic cognitive and social development. Cognitive development pertains to the developments that take place with time in the child's thinking ways and ideas and social development relates to the social behavior that a child shows towards the surrounding environment.


If a child does not have the required confidence and charisma in them they might not be able to survive as better individuals in this society, therefore, development of social skills is very important in schools as well as at home.
This report discusses two references that have been used to help understand the importance of developing social skills in early childhood and how to cater to the child's needs. Both of these articles were found on the internet. The first one is a 'peer reviewed' article from the 'Australian Journal for Early Childhood' written by Jacquelyn Mize and Ellen Abell. The other one is another article that is directed towards the parents titled 'How your lifestyle can be a positive model for your child's social skills' by an author surnamed Jet.
Reference Details: Jacquelyn Mize, Ellen Abell (year) Encouraging Social Skills in young Children: Tips Teachers can share with parents. Retrieved November 1, 2007, from web title Web site:
The target audience in both the audience is mainly the parents who can be a great help in developing social skills in their kids. ...
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