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Essay example - Purpose of Schooling from the Past to the Present

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Going back in history to the time of Thomas Jefferson it can be seen that the education of young people was a deeply seated one even in this period of time. Jefferson had his own personal view on education stating that he believed a Universal form of education would need to precede any idea of Universal suffrage among the young people of the community (Honeywell 1964)…

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Jefferson also had a strong belief that without and educational background people would never really have any idea of what true freedom was. Jefferson is quoted as saying, "If a nation expects to be ignorant and free, in civilization, it expects what it never was and never will be" (Padover 1952). Therefore the belief from education to the past and currently in the present still exists to be that without an education people will only dream of what they want to be in life and what they would love to achieve. In order for great things to happen one has to have knowledge of their past and a good knowledge of their future through the gift of education.
In colonial times the main structure of education was situated around learning English, Reading, Writing, History, and Arithmetic due to the fact that these five areas are and have always been considered to be the most prudent areas to have knowledge about in life. Also, there were public schools just as there are today and there existed private schools as well but in colonial times the only children that could have the possibility of attending where all white and came from very influential and prosperous families (Mapp 1991). ...
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