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Characteristics of Early Christianity Movements

He and his disciples lived an eremitical life, one of the primary types of monasticism. As part of living the eretical life, St Anthony and his followers vowed living in austerity far away from the world. They commit themselves in answering the needs of the soul over the body by prioritizing activities that nourish the soul instead of the physical needs. (Bacchus)
According to Athanasius, Bishop of Alexandria, St Anthony, who adhered to eremitical monasticism, fearlessly battled myriad temptations of the devil. In this regard, his disciples were enjoined to center their prayers on seeking the Lord's guidance through constant prayers to win over the evil one and learning the discipline of discerning spirits to recognize deceitful ways to sin. (Schaff & Wace)
Another type of monasticism that characterized the early Christian movement is the cenobitical life. This type of monasticism was revived by St Benedict, who composed a new set of rules. From these rules, it could be observed that St Benedict's viewpoint does not involve extraordinary asceticism and narrow mindedness. As such, these sober regulations were based on common sense with emphasis on collectivism instead of individualism. Cenobitic monasticism also emphasized family spirit and discouraged all private ventures. ...
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It is a well-known fact that the early Church faced substantial challenges in its history as early Christians were widely persecuted and battled anti-Christian teachings. However, it was in this period that the Church, particularly through monastic movements, flourished…
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