Prejudice in the United States

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King Martin Luther’s dream to attain a nation free from prejudice on the basis of race, color, caste and creed failed to materialize. The forms of prejudice have change with the passage of time, yet the substance remains. By many America has been termed as the melting pot, where people of all races blend together. …


Many critics of the melting pot phenomenon have called America a mosaic. Clearly bringing into mind a nation with people of different cultural identities, and distinct interests. However this image has to be changed. We have to raze prejudice from our lives. Aren’t we taught history to learn lessons form our mistakes? Why don’t we understand the true meaning of human rights? Haven’t we been taught tolerance since childhood? Doesn’t prejudice shake our constitutions foundation stone? If we find an answer to these questions we would be able to understand that a nation’s prosperity is hindered by prejudice. It’s a negative trait. It’s like a termite eating away the roots of peace and harmony. While animosity and hatred flourish. Also an individual’s personal development is hindered as they inevitably suffer from inferiority complexes. Jane Austen’s famous novel “Pride and Prejudice” makes the reader realize that prejudice never yields favorable results. ...
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