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making my own art exhibition.

. The work of the abstract expressionist will be displayed in the gallery. For a painting of 5 a 15*20 hall is sufficient. It must be a simple room which much less patterns on the wall. Dark colored paints will be the best to display the paintings as the paintings have a light color base. A dark background will highlight the paintings. There should not be any designs or patterns on the wall and it can have windows which help in natural illumination. There must be five focus lights in the hall along with two normal lights. The highlighters will help in illuminating the paintings better giving them a clear and a neat look. The paintings should to be framed and displayed. The colors of the frames have to highlight the paintings. They have to be displayed at the eye level. There must be boards to display the names of the artists and for writing brief descriptions of the paintings. The positioning of the paintings has to be done according to the similarities in the shades of the paintings for giving a visual treat to the visitors. The paintings have to be arranged in the way that provides enough space for visitors to stand and view them.
A television can be set at the exhibition to present audio visuals about the paintings and the artists which can include a brief history of the art during the century and the artists who were involved bringing new dimensions for art. ...
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The conceptual expressionist art exhibition consists of the paintings of Egon Schiele, Ellsworth Kelly, Henry Moore, Jackson Pollock and Georgia O'keefe. All these artists were abstract expressionists whose arts express strong emotions. It talks about the emotions more than the physical authenticity.
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