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Hans Holdbein: the creator of the Tudor Dynastic image

Without the genius of Holbein we, like his subjects would never have known Henry VIII.
As Guy (2003) tells us "Henry VIII has an instantly recognizable image. An image that modern public relations consultants would call a 'brand'. It is so powerful, that it has become an icon of the British Monarchy itself."2 One man was almost single-handedly responsible for that image - Hans Holbein. We will investigate how this artist changed forever the way by which the monarchy is viewed.
Hans Holbein the younger first made his way to London in 1526. Introduced to Sir Thomas More by a mutual friend, Erasmus, Holbein was welcomed into London society and initially lived with More and his family. This was a period of religious upheaval in Europe; the Reformation was underway. On a return trip to his native Basel in 1528, Holbein found that many of his early religious works had been removed from the church by order of the city council.
Returning to England in 1532, Holbein found that his friend More had fallen from power. ...
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Abstract: Hans Holbein the younger first made his way to London in 1526 and by 1936 had become the official court painter King Henry VIII and the Tutor Dynasty. Henry's reign was fraught with upheaval - the Reformation and his seemingly endless search for a wife that would produce the male heir to secure the succession of the Tutor Dynasty…
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