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Beauty Taste and the Sublime - Essay Example

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This very famous statement on Beauty and Truth and their interchangeability poses a very important question in the postmodern era. Art and its convention of the 'Beauty'/'Beautiful' has imperceptibly changed over the decades, from something that should reflect the Ideal (and in reality, twice removed from it, as per Plato, 360 B.C)2, or in essence complete and offering pleasure to the senses to something, that expresses the unique consciousness/angst of the creator…

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Beauty Taste and the Sublime

Beauty has evolved into a freedom for expression. Contemporary art, especially questions the paradigms (fixed standards and canonical/classical examples) for judging aesthetic values (art that has a "moral" and ethical message and that is pleasing to the senses), with artists like Chapman Brothers or Justin Novak producing artwork that are clearly meant to provoke reactions and challenge notions of beauty, that had it's roots in Kant's "Critique of Judgment" (1790). It contemplated on the "pure" aesthetic experience of art consisting of a "disinterested" observer, pleasing for its own sake and beyond any utility or morality. Now, the very word 'pleasing' may have different boundaries and contemporary art is trying to escalate their claims. ...
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