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Finding a Familiar World

Seeing people with chinky eyes, slim and with smooth reddish skin seemed so cool. It was of course different from where my own color. The people both the men and the women seem to be attractive with unique color and features. As a navy, being in the sea for most of the time, seeing people with friendly faces is a treat.
We got to tour the place and it was amazing. I easily got caught by the different tourists' destinations and got to enjoy looking at the fashion and electronics products on the country. The city was really clean and the people seemed to be so discipline. The most prominent symbol in Singapore is the Merlion. The Merlion is "an imaginary creature with the head of a lion and the body of a fish" and "its name combines 'mer' meaning the sea and 'lion'" (, 2009). The symbol is so popular in Singapore that you see it around the country. There is a Merlion on Sentosa, on Mount Faber, and there is also the famous Merlion near the Esplanade Park and fronts Marina Bay. It is particularly visited during the night as it becomes more of an exciting view.
Singapore boasts of rich art, history and culture as proven by its beautiful places such as the Singapore museum, Singapore River and Chinatown. It is also filled with the feel of nature and parks such as the Singapore Zoological garden, Crocodila Park, Haw Paw Villa, Singapore Night Safari and Singapore Botanic garden. ...
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Being in the Navy gives me an experience of seeing different places and feeling different cultures. It makes me in a way see the real world with my own eyes and see different people. One Asian country has been endeared to me so that I felt really belonging to such a community.
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