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Racial Communitarianism

This is a post-post-modernist development in the sense that it engulfs not only traditions of libertarianism, modernity of civil society and peculiar amalgamation of both these to bring forth something anew as good governance but also its quest for a balanced form of State and social ethos.
Racial Communitarianism thus reflects a search and global movement for equal respect and opportunities to people of all races in the pursuance of their duties as human beings and citizens of a global civil society. Rights will then be natural corollary of duties so performed professionally.
Communitarianism is also an attempt to work towards fighting various apparently fascist tendencies of libertarianism such as overarching power channels and structures like the Security Council of the United Nations and the all powerful stature of the President of United States despite inherent checks and balances in the political system.
Communitarianism is, indeed, an emerging movement to go beyond the shackles of a sovereign nation-state. It is moving ahead into the realms of a global civil society tackling a number of its issues and problems on its own without always looking up to the State for all its solution.
Standing on one's own feet, preserving one's self-respect, economic and multicultural empowerment alongwith individual based and logically viable soc ...
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Pejorative and positive are both its connotations. Racial Communitarianism is also an ages old phenomenon dating back to Plato's and Aristotelian ideas where economic well being, opportunities, political power and justice (or rights) flow from virtue and philosophy…
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