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The second point he makes is about the potential for various alternatives to prison to accomplish reduction in the re-offending. Bottoms proposed rehabilitative effectiveness, but emphasized that this could not be the "magic bullet". The third focus is on sentence management. The author points out that quality of supervisor-offender relationship is central to the effective practices, however they seem to be neglected as promoting and motivation techniques. The fourth concern is about placing a strong accent on a research about the public opinion in terms of sentencing. Offenders and crimes are a public issue and as such are pivotal for the attitudes on favour of, or against harsh punishments.
In the end Bottoms implies to the book of the same name: "Alternatives to Prison: Options for an insecure society". He concludes that the insecure society we live in, the issue of the alternatives to prison inevitably takes political dimensions. And how the political concepts about the alternatives of incarceration will be interpreted will affect the local practices in this area.
In his article Professor Bottoms (2006) describes a research being done on alternatives to prison. The main issue that the author is addressing is what findings followed from the research task. ...
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In March 2003 Professor Sir Anthony Bottoms was asked to participate in a research task investigating the alternatives to prison. The main objective was to provide a thorough and impartial review of the relevant empirical research. Few years later Bottoms submitted an article at the Scottish Journal of Criminal Justice Studies, briefing the data that was found…
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