Cross Culture Management

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We propose to discuss in this paper the statement that 'national culture is of virtually no significance in relation to the communication skills needed by the modern international manager'. In the course of our discussion, we shall consider the 'qualities' that a present-day international manager needs to posses in order to discharge his obligations to his company and to derive both professional and personal satisfaction from his performance as a 'global manager'.


The proposition under discussion states that 'national culture' is of no significance in the communication skills needed by him. Communication between individuals is carried out through the medium of speech and/or writing, and both are once the inherent constituents and the inevitable outcomes of the culture of a people. An effective managerial quality that we would expect of our 'international manager' is great communication skills. In the light of these facts, we examine the extent of the validity of the statement under discussion.
In a discussion of national culture, it is both useful and relevant to consider Hofstede's concept of national culture in the context of the milieu in which the present-day global manager functions. However, before a discussion of the constituent elements in Hofstede's concept of national culture, the qualities expected of an international manager, and his communication skills, it is necessary to clarify the nature of the environment in which he functions and how he has come to be where he is at present. ...
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