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Creationism and Darwinism

While one is the more "scientific point" of view, and the other a religious point of view, both have their massive followers, and both have strong points as well as weak arguments.
In creationism, the belief is that the world and people were created by a supreme being, usually God. This is the belief held by the majority of major religions, that God himself created the earth and mankind. This idea is based strongly on faith alone, and is depicted both in the Christian and Jewish book of Genesis, and the Koran for Muslims. Many Christians feel that the book of Genesis offers an actual account of the creation story, and that it should be taken literally. However, this is a hard pill to swallow for most people, saying that the book was written by humans and it therefore full of error and may not be exactly what happened. Another argument is that the story may simply be a story to teach a lesson. I do not believe that you can take every single word in the Bible exactly as meant, and that some of it IS in fact figurative. This does not fully disprove creationism however.
The scientific held though is the evolution of people as taught by Darwin. It was in Darwin's Origin of Species that he conned the phrase "survival of the fittest", that evolution was continentally evolving and changing. ...
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All throughout history science and religion have clashed. For some people Religion has always answered the "Why" questions. For other however, the conformity of religion was not good enough, and sought to scientifically prove or disprove the answers religion held dear…
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