Global Nuclear Warfare

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In modern history of mankind, there is no such phenomenon, except Cold war, that would signify highest level of stability, and simultaneously, the highest level of threat at the same time. The Cold war undoubtedly can be defined as a unique conflict, the first and presumably the last of its kind.


As Franklin Delano Roosevelt has stated in his inaugural speech - the only thing we have to fear is the fear itself. During the Cold War that followed, ideological conflicts were often conducted through the medium of fear. While some politicians argued for expanding arms expenditure by raising alarm about the threat of communism, others demanded disarmament and appealed to the public's fear of nuclear weapons. However, the promotion of competing alarmist claims is very different to the situation in the past (Furedi). The abuse of fear is a high stake politics.
The worldview of citizens during the Cold War era has primarily been shaped by alteration between concepts of realism and idealism. These two general approaches in the American foreign policy, dealing with the international sphere, are most explicitly reflected in the foreign policy doctrines. As professor Furedi puts it, the fear has fast become a caricature of itself, it was no longer simply an emotion or a response to the perception of threat; it has become a cultural idiom through which we signal a sense of unease about our place in the world (Furedi).
The beginning of the post bipolar era emerged ...
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