Understanding Humanity Through the Writings of Wekker, Middleton and Johnson

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Humanitarian literature are artistic works that are produced as a mean of expression for the people of their own opinion and prevalent concept regarding a certain aspect of human beings that is generally applicable to all individuals.


Understanding Humanity Through the Writings of Wekker, Middleton and Johnson

It has been generally viewed that this form of literary expression is greatly influenced and affected by the prevalent condition and social concepts during the time it is created and since human civilization is constantly developing, most of the ideas presented in the literary pieces of the past is generally inapplicable at the present.
Because of this reason, the story itself becomes explicitly influenced and affected by external factors in the creative realm of the author thus making its ideas commonly applicable during those times. But from the time of its creation, society has already undergo many changes and influential development thus regarding most of the concepts highlighted in the said literature to be inapplicable and contradictory in its very intrinsic nature.

Divine Comedy is mainly a fictional of illusionary expression of the author's imaginative journey through the realms of hell, purgatory and heaven. In his travels to hell, he have explicitly illustrated its literal nature and narrative the common social icons he have encountered in the said place.

To clearly discuss the author's concept regarding sin and the actions that are considered to be wicked, it is better that the people who are considered sinners at those times be identified according to how the author perceive them in terms of the degree of seriousness of their offensive nature as related through the different levels or circles in hell ...
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