Review and synopsis of film The Terminator

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'The Terminator' is set in the year 2029, when a war takes place between man and machine. Machines want to finish the human race and take charge of the world. There is only one man named John Connor who has the courage to lead humans and fight against the machines.


Simultaneously, John Connor sends his father Kyle Reese in past to protect Sarah. As soon as these two creatures land into past to get Sarah, an unending chase begins. Amidst tensions, fears and blood shed, love blooms between Sarah and Kyle which is how John is conceived. There is heart pounding action while Kyle and Sarah keep running from the Terminator. Confrontation takes place at the end where Kyle Reese gets killed. Sarah manages to destroy the Terminator and braces herself for her important role in future of mankind.
'The Terminator' is one of the best futuristic science fiction films that have been created with a relatively small budget. The action sequences, high pace and constant fear of what next, do not let the audience shift their attention even for a second. The electronic and mechanical sound track adds to the feel of menace being created by the Terminator.
'The Terminator' is an amazing mix of present, future, science fiction with loads of action and a little bit of romance. It also presents human beings, machines, human robots, their strengths and weaknesses quite well. The humans are helpless against the powerful machines, they have created. Yet they fight till the end. From beginning till end, it is a desperate struggle to survive. The Terminator looks like a human but is an indestructible machine who follows its mission blindly, come what may. ...
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