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Nostalgia in Amitava Kumar's "BombayLondonNew York" - Essay Example

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n Bombay-London-New York, Amitava Kumar evokes an India f rural simplicity, ancient traditions and bewitching rituals. Through a string f stories, he shows how the Indian diaspora internalized this view and brought Bollywood, bhangra and biryani to Britan and the US to create an imaginary home away from home…

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Nostalgia in Amitava Kumar's "BombayLondonNew York"

Said emerges not just as an intellectual giant, but also a deeply passionate man.
The requirement f leaving one's place f orign and move from the periphery towards the centre, combined with the compulsion to look back and travel; homewards n a bid to understand one's history, is the force that drives much f recent Indian writing n English. The name Kumar has selected for his book signifies the journey that both he and his fellow writers have made, the distances they have traversed and the literary signposts they have passed.
It happens often that compositions f exemplary character and intuition do not receive the desired attention from their creators. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle wrote Sherlock Holmes mysteries on a lark but tired f his detective, had him killed n a story, only to refresh him agan after a public outrage. A similar overlooking f one's own talents occurs n this Kumar's entertaining book. While the title may be reminiscent f a travel brochure, the book is an exhaustive thorough survey f Indian authors writing n English, living n both India and abroad. But, sifting through the literary ore, we find charming nuggets f Kumar's own life, gleaming like gold. Kumar's personal musings cover perhaps a fourth f his book but have an impact far beyond their length. ...
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