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Global Managerial Economics Bachelor

This nation must not only deal with protecting, maintaining and upholding a clear-cut Mexican identity in the midst of foreign cultural material but must likewise exert great effort in integrating indigenous clusters with languages and cultures that are in and of themselves distinct and irreplaceable.
NAFTA, Trade Liberalization and the Mexican Economy The move to a free market economy from a protectionist system commenced in the 1980s. Previous heads of state, de la Madrid and Salinas, worked to support and cultivate economic liberalism and paved the way for the signing of the 1994 North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) by Salinas which unlocked the doors of a previously "secluded" country to the international economic community. ...
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Confronted by the torrents of sweeping globalization, numerous emergent economies wrangle with questions on cultural identity and national sovereignty. Movements related to this phenomenon such as the upsurge of multinational corporations (MNCs), the shifting character and prominence of the nation state, escalating number of cross national agreements and partnerships, privatization and liberalization, technological convergence on the rise and obscure national boundaries all have generated intricacies, ambiguities and insecurities in a country's cultural identity…
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