Strategic Management: Internal Analysis and SWOT

Case Study
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Pepsi is a company with much internal strength, including such fortes as: a strong core brand, growing market share, broad product lines, environmental commitment, and being a diversity promoter. Pepsi has a very well known core brand that has maintained strength during many of their new product launches.


In addition, Pepsi has been experiencing a growing market share and positive returns in both the beverage and snack industries.
They have been able to make many key acquisitions that have contributed to both their national and international expansion. Furthermore, PepsiCo offers a very broad product line, from a variety of beverages including SOBE, Aquarian, Pepsi, and Gatorade as well as a variety of snack foods such as Doritos, Lays, and Oatmeal. While PepsiCo has been successful marketing their products, they have also been successful in environmental preservation and diversity programs. Most of Pepsi's environmental issues are related to their packaging. As a result, Pepsi recycles, reuses, and reduces packaging whenever possible.
As a company named by Fortune Magazine as one of "America's 50 Best Companies for Minorities", and as one of Minority MBA Magazine's "Top Companies for Minority MBA's", Pepsi takes pride in their movement to promote diversity. They have a Minority & Women business Program along with another program to work with diverse suppliers. Although one of PepsiCo's strengths is their broad product line, it is also one of their weaknesses. Because PepsiCo sells so many products, it may be hard to control each product line. ...
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