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Crime control - Essay Example

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Justice was a concept or a virtue that was debated again and again even since from the time of Socrates and Plato. Through the course of history this concept has been linked with giving what one owes and doing proper purpose. But recently, the concept of justice has been understood particularly when something is related to the legal system, like punishment of those who violated the law…

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Crime control

Whenever such a crime takes place, first there is a process of justification for the action that was allegedly conducted. After that all the possibilities are analyzed that is related to particular crime. Therefore, the person is under a trial. Honesty is of the most important purpose of all the trials. (Pollock, 2007) If there will be no honesty then there will be no one who will get justice. All the judges have to be honest to give justice to everyone. All the witnesses have to be honest. Therefore honesty and justice goes together. Today justice occupies the part of morality that is identified with the good or someone getting justice. Without honesty there will be injustice, evil and wrongness everywhere. Today the current legal system works justice is usually equated with honesty. An honest justice system would give that justice to everyone. (Pollock, 2007)
This paper will also discuss about the ethical consideration that are affecting the criminal justice system in many different ways. It explain in great detail about how these ethical issues are affecting our criminal justice system, complainants, the accused, the criminals, the complainants and the law enforcers . This paper also explains the due process model. ...
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