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about Strategic Information Systems

Data is collected at all points which act as sources of data which is then converted into needed information during the data processing phase and this in turn is made available at appropriate time when people managing the company needs it. Essentially, information management is all about providing right information to the right person at the right time. However, due to various reasons that occupy and clutter happenings in the company, we find that the information gets lost in them. Information Management also looses sight of why, when and how the information is needed in order to get targeted output. This would mean that the information management strategy should be clearly in line with the management strategy of the company.
Secondly, the information management strategy is needed to ensure that the entire department works in sync. This will become more pronounced when the strength of people in the department grows. The staff in the department needs to get tuned to the management requirements and the strategy that the management of the company has adopted in order to ensure that all the targets of the information needs are met by the department. ...
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2a. Discuss the purpose of having Information Management, Knowledge Management and Information Systems strategies and show the relationship between them. Also consider the development and enforcement of these strategies
In this essay we will discuss about the strategies adopted for information management, knowledge management and information system management…
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