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Different Aspects of Employee Relations - Essay Example

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Employee relations, is perceived to reflect the development of more diverse employment patterns - those found in the non-manufacturing service sector, which involve non-manual, office employees, females, part time, contractuals, etc. When there is no union, employment relations prevail…

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Different Aspects of Employee Relations

This raises the issue that at any one time there may be a number of ideologies within an organisation, which underpin the social relations of work (Mannheim 1936, p. 59; 61).
While managers and employers may have diverse interests between them, management as a collection of employees is 'structurally dependent' on employers rather than inclined to any collaboration with the workers. Within organisations, managers' ideology, imbued
with notions of professional autonomy or managerial prerogative, 'will always be deployed against developments which may lead towards more egalitarian relations in production'(Clegg, Boreham & Dow 1986, p. 169). .
Unitarism can be defined as the aim of a team being defined by one common purpose. This perspective focuses on some core issues such as conformity and sharing of goals. They further desire an absence of conflict in a well functioning organization.
According to the Kochan's report published in 1982, on the application of a unitary framework for analyzing conflicts in a US organization. The unitarists theorists did not deny that conflicts exist but they attributed this existence of conflict in the organizations workplace to being more interpersonal than structural factors being into play.
There ar ...
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