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Carroll's view that cinema is not a prosthetic device but rather like painting, what you see is not the object, but the representation of objects fits well with this movie. Even though some of the actual objects prove true to their character, many are invented and symbolic.


Of course, this movie, like most others, employs such techniques.
Rancire's idea that it is simply foolish to judge a film outside of its context, the politics and such of the period it was created in, proves to be true here. In the movie, tensions are high due to the war and violent protests of it. However, it was released recently and in this period of time although we are in a war, tensions are not held very high because of it. Yet the writer might have wanted us to see just how destructive war can be, his own protest to the current war and his plea to end it.
All of the three regimes of visibility are expressed in this movie. When looking at the movie from in the ethical regime, one can easily agree that the viewers are not allowed to view the real essence of things, and that they are deceived and lied to. Unnatural colors flood scenes where natural ones should be, used to imply the use of drugs instead of showing the actual use of these drugs. Scenes of intense feelings during the war surely excite the viewers' lower faculties, causing them to feel the wrongness of the war, even if they had previously reasoned it to be alright. Of course this movie has serious people doing serious things, a large plot with a beginning, middle, and end. ...
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