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Confinement Assignment

Since the deadline was fast approaching, I thought I should be brave enough to plunge into this adventure. And finally on 2nd of April, I combated my reluctance and fear.
Since my family members were sick and tired of hearing my plans to start this project, they were relieved that finally I am doing it. My ten hours of confinement seemed a huge relief for them especially after they had to face the wrath of my desperation in the last couple of days. I began this project at 10 in the morning after my breakfast. I strongly felt the urge to have a quick shower, but stopped myself thinking that it would not be a good beginning to cheat in the first step itself.
I switched off my cell and left it out of my room and strictly instructed others to not disturb me until half past two, when I will be out for lunch. I took lots of books and magazines to read. To be precise there were 12 of them. The number of magazines was more than books because I hardly get any time to read them. In fact, the only positive outcome that I could think of before this project began was that I would get plenty of magazines to read leisurely. Keeping this leisure in mind I had even bought latest editions of a couple of new magazines. The lure of reading them was the single most reason that was pushing me towards this project.
Since I was not supposed to take a shower I changed into a very light and comfortable piece of clothe and applied a generous amo ...
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When I read the instructions of this project I found it very interesting but was unable to relate to it because in these fast paced times, living in confinement for 10 hours without any modern day gadget or without communicating to anyone is like going back to the primitive age.
Author : aryannacollier

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