Police and Education

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In fact, crime is not a constant phenomenon; rather it is changing with the social transformation. It is a necessary feature of every society as it is a fundamental condition of social organization. Different groups have different and often incompatible interests in the society which give rise to conflicts and eventually results in the incidence of crime.
Police are the inevitable component of an ideal criminal justice system. They are primarily concerned with the responsibility for the maintenance of peace and enforcement of law and order. Of late, police duties have increased enormously and are becoming more and more diversified. The modern police force is to protect the public against physical dangers, rescue lives, regulate traffic and preserve law and order in the streets and public places. It has also a definite duty with regard to the prevention of juvenile delinquency and atrocities against women and children. The emergence of police has a historic context. With the upsurge of modern scientific invention and improved living standard, the crime rate has drastically increased in the society. ...
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