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Essay example - Quality Initiative

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The global business arena has irrefutably evolved into a hypercompetitive environment characterized by the more intense competition, higher customer bargaining power, and strict quality compliance in individual firms. ZJZ Cosmetics copes with this trend through its quality initiative promoted as "Growth through Quality" maintaining the tagline Excellent Product + Quality = Future Growth…

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The importance of quality in ZJZ Cosmetics can never be overstated. First of all, quality has become the one of the most important tenets of the company. Quality is a competitive advantage which identifies and separates ZJZ Cosmetics from its numerous competitors in the marketplace. It is with this high standard of quality that we established our reputation in the industry together with our customer's trust and confidence. The focus on quality has enabled ZJC cosmetics to create an image of excellence gaining strong patronage from numerous clients. Maintaining high product quality ensures the satisfaction of customers' needs and facilitates the establishment of strategic partnerships with them. Excellent product quality is not only instrumental in attracting new clients and maintaining current ones. ZJZ Cosmetics' financial objectives of profitability and maximization of shareholder value is attained largely through its commitment in manufacturing products with zero deficiencies. This helps the company to minimize wastage thereby making its processes more time and cost efficient.
In line with ZJZ Corporation's goal of upholding product excellence, it will put in place a quality contr ...
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