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Management and execution is a complex process that entails the coordination of a number of assets and internal teams as well as frequent scheduled interactions with the customer. In changing economic and social conditions, it is often difficult for hospitality operators to provide a consistent set of services and products for tasks across multiple properties, a fact that often negatively impacts brand equity.


The role of managers is to level possible disagreements and create positive climate and atmosphere. In hospitality sector, cohesive groups and self-managing teams creates a tension and pressure which has a negative impact on critical analysis and decision-making process. The challenge of management is to restructure (if necessary) self-managing teams and introduce new methods and forms of communication between teams members. Cohesiveness is more likely when members of a team are to gather for a reasonable length of time, and changes occur only slowly. Strict guidelines and rules established by a manager will help to avoid conflict situations and turnover of members (Bardi 2002.). Low morale and a negative attitude are often associated with a large number of team members undertaking similar work. This requires realistic planning by which the degree and quality of goal achievement can be determined (Davidson 2003). Teamwork coordination should be stated clearly and communicated to those concerned, and to those who are subject to the operation of the control system. ...
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