Segregation of Church and State

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Church and State, an expression that submits to the frequently changeable interactions between structured religion and controlled government, which, for centuries has disturbed leaders, associates of the clergy, logicians, and common public. Both the terms are often used together but implied differently.


r, p. 2-6).At present the separation of church and state1 is a predominant rule of United State's government and some other democracies. It tries to defend religious liberty and to avert unfairness or elimination on the basis of religion. In the United States, the partition of church and state has roots in the First Amendment to the Constitution. Additionally,The amendment maintains that "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof. " Courts have ruled that this amendment prohibits government from assisting an official or favored religion, or hindering with the practice of belief. (Hamburger, p. 21-89)
Furthermore, various other countries, counting Australia, France, with Japan, also back division of church and state. Several countries, for instance the United Kingdom, continue separation in some regions but distinguish particular religions as reputable (national) churches. ...
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