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Operation Anaconda - Essay Example

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The government of the United States of America has realized a global move to end terror through its Global War on Terror undertaking. One of its operations founded on this undertaking is the battle the United States fought against Afghanistan. The official name for the war it wedged on Afghanistan is referred to as 'Operation Enduring Freedom'…

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Operation Anaconda

The battle spanned the period between 2nd march to 17th March 2002 and it included the combined forces of the US military, Canadian forces, New Zealand, friendly Afghan soldiers, Danish, Germany, Norway, as well as the Australian military forces against the Taliban and the al-Qaeda forces. The US forces, under the command of General Franklin Hagenbeck, managed to get out of this battle as winners after managing to drive the enemy out of the valley with heavy death tolls to measure up their success. The win was however not a smooth sail as can be suggested from the fact that though the war was planned to end after three days, it took seven days to conquer the Taliban and al-Qaeda opposing forces. The US had to exercise heavy combat against their enemies to force them into admitting defeat- a development that was never expected. At the same time, the US suffered a total of 80 casualties where 8 died while the other 72 were wounded to differing degrees. The following essay will undertake to assess both the right and the improvement seeking steps that were taken by the intelligence supporting Operation Anaconda.
The US forces did not have sufficient knowledge of neither the number of the opposing Taliban and al-Qaeda forces nor their weaponry. ...
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