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E-business Project

Viability - To date, no site offers online musical instrument lessons. This means that this will be a "one-of-a-kind" musical site. It will address many problems besetting people who want to take lessons on playing musical instruments but either they don't have the time to physically go to places where these lessons are held or they don't have in their possession the necessary instruments. Likewise, this online experience can answer the needs of physically handicapped people who are musically-inclined and who would like to learn to play an instrument but could not due to commuting problems posed by the individual's physical disability.
E-Business Model - The business model for Music Teachers Online is produced to offer a premium site with products and services with minimum overhead. This model offers a simplified site that eliminates avoidable costs and focuses on the basics of an e-business.
Designing the website could cost quite a bit, depending on the experience of the business owner. If the owner were able to design the site it would decrease costs significantly, because the design will be the main cost incurred.
In this case, the business owner will need the assistance of a professional we ...
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Offer online instrumental lessons by using a high-quality video web cam. The student would require a media player installed on their computer. (Instruments include guitar, drums, flute, cello, violin, viola, piano, saxophone, etc.)
Have an online bulletin board where people (both performing groups and music enthusiasts) can post their musical events (who they are, what they play, where they perform, how they can be contacted etc.) so that customers constantly get notified of these events.
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