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Admission/Application Essay example - Statement of Purpose - field of economics

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Admission/Application Essay
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The many experiences I have had during my university education have come to represent a period of metamorphosis for me, in which I underwent tremendous personal growth and development. I truly discovered my personal identity and ultimately discovered my passion, desiring that my future be in the exciting field of economics.

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Although I was experimenting with a wide variety of subjects, it soon became apparent that economics was an ideal match for me. An innate understanding of the subject seemed to come naturally to me, therefore I excelled in the course and exhibited the strongest performance in the subject. As I studied further, I discovered how I could become empowered with the practical knowledge I would need to become an effective agent of positive change in my community by using my innate abilities combined with what I had learned in class. My hidden talents for logical reasoning and mathematical acclimation came to the forefront and began to shine, thereby unleashing my intellectual capacity for economics and analytical thinking. In fact, my grade point average in my chosen major of economics is 3.40, which is an achievement considering the schedule of courses I had been taking. Furthermore, I received a score of 790 out of 800 on the Graduate Record Examination---on the Verbal Section receiving 500 out of 800.
Nevertheless, my academic achievements and inclinations were not the only factors in my decision to apply to law school. My decision was also influenced by other non-academic sources including various extra-curricular and volunteer activities. ...
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