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RFID is a recent technology explosion benefiting to conventional industry to automate certain functionalities of Distribution like inventory checking of retail stock, integration of POS information to the Supply chain management etc., But this classic IT tool if not utilized with care, may reflect in loosing the interest of public in terms of privacy protection of consumers.


And the study also mainly analyses the reality behind the privacy issue of the consumer. The study also concentrates on the supporting guidelines and practices in use for sustainable management to prevent the privacy concerns with RFID.
RFID enables not only automatic supply chain data collection to improve inventory visibility and reduce stock outs at the retail level, it can also result in reduced need for manual handling, labor cost reductions, greater accuracy of shipments, and other benefits, (arcweb)
RFID solutions provide real-time information by automatically detecting product movements throughout the distribution process. RFID technology provides real-time inventory visibility while minimizing the need for manual checks, allowing to:
- The key to success in the retail RFID market depends on optimizing hardware, software and middleware roles and providing one-stop complete suites or solutions, which facilitate easy integration across the three domains," Shyam
While RFID is reaching retailers across the revenue barrier, the high level of investment allows only the biggest retailers (typically $5 billion and above in revenues) to pilot and roll out the RFID technology in their stores and distribution centers, Shyam.
The concepts of Distribution chain and logistics are closely connected in the context of raw materials, m ...
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