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Essay example - bloody System

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For many, the gift of life is something that is greatly appreciated, most certainly at times where that life is put in danger. The donation of such things as hearts, kidneys, bone marrow, or in this case blood, have become a lifeline for many in the pursuit of longer and more prosperous life…

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As for the collection of the samples themselves, according to the online encyclopedia Wikipedia, "starting in 1985, the American Red Cross and Food and Drug Administration policies prohibit accepting blood donations from gay/bisexual men, specifically from any "male who has had sex with another male since 1977, even once,"[5] or from IV drug users or recent immigrants from certain nations with high rates of HIV infection," ("Donation" p.1). This type of screening was found to be imperative in the quest of ensuring that the samples which were collected were not at any risk of contamination. Other disease typically checked for in the US screenings would be Hepatitis B, the antibody to Hepatitis C "anti-HCV" as well as the Nucleic Acid testing for HCV "anti-HCV" ("Donation p.1).
The most notable difference when it comes to US and UK donation policy would be the manner in which how often individuals are allowed to donate their blood. ...
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