Women and Men Entrepreneurs

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It is said that women are worse at micro and small business entrepreneurship than men. Critically analyse this statement with special reference to UK data over the last 10 years. Suggest issues that are central to the truth or falsehood of the statement and look at developing trends - always supported by evidence.


The British Government estimated that by year 2006, there will be 18 to 20 per cent of women-owned business in United Kingdom (SBS, 2005).
However, there are always critics about women's performance at micro and small business entrepreneurship. Some commented that women out performance men, while some do not agree. This paper aimed to discuss about the differences between men and women's entrepreneurs from different aspects in term of personal characteristics, motivation, and ethnic and cultural background influence on the performance.
Definition for an entrepreneur is someone who pursues a management opportunity regardless of currently available resources (Stevenson, 1989). Entrepreneurs concentrate on maximizing profit, growth and innovative behaviour (Carland et.al, 1984). As in the definition, one who wishes to become entrepreneur would have be courageous, risk-taking, independent and desire for a sense of achievement besides discipline in self. An example of a successful entrepreneur would be Bill Gates that started Microsoft Corporation. With the insight of the future technology development, he braves himself to start-up a business which leads the development of the computer operating system now. ...
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