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Essay example - Group Motivation Inventory

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Groups are complex. Many individual elements affect the way a group operates: the reason the group was formed, the personalities of the members, the information or resources the group has, the type or style of leadership, how the group manages conflict, and what it will define as success…

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The persons that form a group are dependent upon one another in the performance of the group's activity, and any change in one group member influences change in the other members. Our team had an evaluation. The evaluation was meant to explore other group concepts. Questionnaires were handed out to each of my group mates. The following observations were drawn out from the evaluation.
Through this exercise, I have learned that I, as a member, should understand the group's purpose and believe in the value of the objectives and the ability of other members so that I can contribute meaningfully to the group product. A group will be ineffective if the task and expected outcome are not clear. The effectiveness of a group is directly related to the degree that a primary goal is shared and acted upon among the members.
I have also observed that a group is small enough for the members to have general awareness of each other and large enough to contain a variety of knowledge, skills, and perceptions to develop a high-quality product. For example, in a problem-solving group Marvin R. Gottlieb stated in his book Managing Group Process that the most efficient number is between five and seven members. With less than five, a group lacks the diversity of input necessary for a broad perspective and consideration of various points of view. ...
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