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Korean Art

One of the leaders in the Monochrome Art Movement, Ha Chong-Hyun (1935) used landscaping techniques in his works so to express the way he saw man as not being separable to nature (Art World of Ha Chong-Hyun). Kwon Young woo (1926) on the other hand, used simple composition out of paper by tearing, sticking, perforating, and coloring paper to create abstract modern paintings. His purpose was to break down the gap between Korean painting and the Western painting - This was obviously what the Minjung Art Movement was against (The 11 Great Korean Artists). Minjung artists, on the other hand, used a more revolutionized technique in painting. This is one of the biggest differences between the two movements. They used different vivid colors and facial expressions in their works to show their feelings toward capitalists and imperialists. Their techniques though were adopted from Buddhist paintings and narrative art.
In this image ECRITURE NO. 000105, Park Seo-bo used one color pattern only although it dramatically shows the lights and shades, as well as for image 2 - Ecriture 000105 2000. ...
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Korean art in the modern day is generally influenced by rationalization, modernization, and globalization. (Kim, 252) These are the main similarities between the Monochrome Art Movement and the Minjung Art Movement. Both movements confront certain issues regarding Korea's traditional style in painting although they differ in the matter of what they are fighting for; as well as their basis, belief, interpretation, and of course, style…
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