International Hotel Management

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After attaining my high school grades with a substantial exposure in the hospitality industries I realized the need to advance my career by studying a BA in International Hotel Management. This was triggered by the dramatic changes in the contemporary world that place those with profound knowledge of management and associated skills to achieve organizational success in a highly competitive world.


This course in essence will be a launch of my career. Apart from that the need to manage time and prioritizing issues on the field of management and other management skills made it indispensable for me to study a BA in International Hotel Management. This coupled by the competitive environment in the administrative job made it necessary for me to be armed with a BA in International Hotel Management. As a matter of fact, my focus is to be employed in a competitive position in a reputable company at a managerial level and thus the need to possess a BA in International Hotel Management.
With management skills imparted in me through the study of a BA in International Hotel Management, I am expecting to have good knowledge and skills to manage my organization, my time and put my priorities in place. In addition, I am a creative and motivated individual who love to work with people and this course will probably enable me to acquire skills to do this. A BA in International Hotel Management will ensure that I am equipped with management skills including, communication, decision making and organizational management skills in terms of handling change in an organization and crisis management. ...
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