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George Orwells Novel Animal Farm

Fredric Warburg tells audience that the book took six years to conceive and three months to write (Warburg, 39). This first conscious endeavor to combine political thought and art requiring six years' preparation is not a waste but a great success. Many critics consider Animal Farm the best of Orwell's works. From the critical perspective, Orwell's Animal Farm can be considered a fable and a satirical mirror reflecting controversial human reality, which blends together author' political and artistic perceptions of society.
In Orwell's fable, audience notices that first link between the Animal Farm and human world lies in the two names of the farm, Manor Farm and Animal Farm. When one juxtaposes the two names, one gets Man[/]or Animal Farm, or Man or Animal Farm (Pindker, 18) implying the duality of the fable. The juxtaposition of man and animal also underlines the animal nature of human being. Aside from the two names of the farm, the names given to individual animals are also symbolic. Jeffrey Meyers has argued that Boxer (the horse) "is named after the Chinese revolutionaries who drove out foreign exploiters and were themselves crushed" (Meyers, 74). ...
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George Orwell's Animal Farm is considered one of the most prominent yet controversial stories among author's works. In "Why I Write" Orwell confesses that Animal Farm is "the first book in which I tried, with full consciousness of what I was doing, to fuse political purpose and artistic purpose into one whole" (Orwell, 232)…
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