Discuss the importance of business ethics in international business

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In today's world where there is so much greed of power and money because of stiff competition, it is imperative to awaken if not to inculcate the spirit of good values, morals and ethics. This must be addressed not only among the owners and the management of giant corporations in the international community but also among the consumers who because of lack of voice and because of so many needs have allowed themselves to become victims of unethical and unfair practices in the international business.


In an exasperation of the predicament of the consumers a college student wrote:
"In the end we realize that in everything we do we are either spending money or being persuaded to spend our money. This is just one way we the consumers are being exploited (Breaking the Chains, 2006)".
The business industries cannot go on with this kind of exploitation. This paper then intends to discuss the relevance of strict adherence to ethical standards. This paper shall be presented with the thesis that the international business has become unethical in its desire to gain more profit. This paper then must be able to present to the public the role of ethics in the international business to enlighten them to what ethical standards can do to protect the people as consumers and workers of the gigantic system in the international business. Specifically, this paper shall define what business ethics means and to present realistic situations that can illustrate how the business industries can become the worst enemies of the consumers without the ethical standards.
Business ethics is defined as "written and unwritten codes of principles and values that govern decisions and actions within a comp ...
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