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Kaizen is a technique of continuous incremental improvement which was made popular by Japanese entrepreneurs. Having a cursory look at the functioning of Gateshead Holdings, it is amply clear that there was indeed improvement in the operations of the company.


The workers were sorted into teams and assigned responsibilities accordingly. Workers were also offered rewards for putting in best efforts towards fulfilling their responsibilities. This helped in motivating the staff, a critical component in today's business context. Motives help in providing a reason for the staff to act in more efficient manner. On the other hand lack of the motivation can actually result in distorting the working environment.
The five elements of 5S included Sort, Set, Shine, Standardize and Sustain. Once the workforce realises that the management is indeed quite serious about sustaining the business the long term, they too start connecting their future with efficient functioning of the company. During the years prior to 1999, no positive motivation was in sight for the workers. The lack of any positive motivation by the managers often results in an automatic provisioning of negative motivation. But the 5S adopted by management helped in changing this attitude.
From the year 1995 to 1998 the staff turnover ratio is consistently on an increase. Workers appears to have given up and considering it a sinking ship the workers getting opportunities elsewhere thought it fit to leave at the first available opportunity. This is reflected in the incremental percentage of the staff turnover. ...
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