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Ancient Rome

Since then, Rome somewhat created a new sect of Christianity in which became so influential in the world making Rome as the seat and capital of the Roman Catholic religion in the form of Papacy or the Pope who is considered as the leader of this religion. Most of the Popes who were ordained came from Rome and a huge number of them provided influential beliefs and doctrines to modern-day churches in the world today as they were considered as infallible of the believers of this religion. Up to present, doctrines from the papal seat are considered as holy and a decree that must be observed and respected among the members of the Roman Catholic Church worldwide. In fact, Carr (2005) stated, "the infallibility of Pope is not a doctrine that suddenly appeared in Church teaching; rather it is a doctrine which was implicit in the early church." Upon analyzing these, we can comprehend on how powerful the influence of Rome is.
In relation to the religion, Rome also influenced the belief of numerous numbers of people by means of Roman Mythology. Although, many accounts claims that the latter is only inspired by Greek mythology, this belief by the Romans has its uniqueness and is somewhat a guiding light of some in their lives up to date. ...
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Most of modern-day civilizations here on earth are perhaps influenced by primitive Rome. This ancient civilization really has its traces of influence in economy, form of government, religion, beliefs and arts. People, works, way of thinking and the likes from this civilization were felt and are still creating an impact on most of the people and places at present.
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