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What is Art? (ar arts)? - Essay Example

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Paintings, drawing s and pictures are forms of art that involve the use of signs in communication, this is one of the oldest form of art given that in the past when man lived in caves he painted cave walls. …

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What is Art? (ar arts)?

The paper also discusses intended purposes of these forms of art and the current trend.

Literature is termed as an art in that it is a way by which individuals are able to express their ideas and feeling regarding various, there are many forms of written art which include novels, academic book, journals and magazines. These forms of art service various purposes and that they are aimed at informing, persuading and entertaining, for example newspapers and other forms of written art are used to inform the general public, and novels on the other hand are for entertainment purposes.

These is another form of art that is used for the purpose of communication, it is also used for entertainment purposes. Today the film and video industry has been commercialized and large firms have invested in this firm of art industry example Hollywood, therefore this form of art provides employment opportunities.

Music is also another form of art that involve the presentation of audio form of art, it is one of the oldest form of art which can be traced back to ancient times, the music industry provide employment opportunities and its main purpose is to entertain, persuade and inform individuals in the society, music has been used to express certain feeling and also to persuade.
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