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Assignment example - Marketing Reserch

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Marketing Research is an ongoing and continuous process. It is a pooling and evaluation of every piece of information and data which results in an activity. It is the crystallization of the final product after assiduous cleaning and crafting the basic raw material…

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(Mumbai Mirror, Business Briefs, 28 May 2007).
the tremendous potential of the internet for genuine marketing purposes. And with the rising volumes of online trading, the menace is only threatening to grow further unchecked. (Times of India, Times Business section, 25 May 2007).
Small retailers and street vendors have protested, and in some cases, even ransacked outlets operated by modern retailers. This in part has been provoked by an unprecedented rush in the last two years mostly by Indian corporate houses who have said they want to invest billions of dollars to roll out thousands of stores selling everything from fruits to furniture.
Higher prices may reduce the attraction of palm oil as a substitute for soya bean oil, especially in China and India, the biggest importers of both oils. It may also make palm oil less attractive in its use in new applications such as bio-fuels. (Mint, Money Matters, p17, 31 May 2007,
Although revenue jumped 37%, India's leading retailer, Shoppers' Stop, reported a fourth quarter loss of Rs. 22 million ( US$ 543,210), for the year 2006-07. This in spite of competition from other majors like Reliance Retail and Bharti-Wal-Mart, yet to begin. ...
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