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Conflict within Nursing Work Environment - Essay Example

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Introduction: A nurse as a manager in the healthcare environment assumes two important responsibilities of a mediator and a negotiator. These are key roles of a nurse as a manager, since as a manager, she is expected to maintain a positive working relationship among the various stakeholders within a healthcare team, when the standards of healthcare are fulfilled only when the team works in the present-day scenario of technical advancement in healthcare…

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Conflict within Nursing Work Environment

Nurses are assuming a significant position in this system and its complex transitions. Therefore, as expected, nurses regularly experience conflicts during the course of their work, whether it is during their day-to-day practice or due to larger organizational conflicts. Interpersonal conflicts occur between individuals in the work environment. If two stakeholders are on an equivalent power level, interpersonal disagreements may simply cause irritation and annoyance. However, if one of the stakeholders has some actual or perceived authority over the other, this situation can potentially lead to what is called as conflict (Caplan G., 1964).
This work is a critical reflection of a conflict event in work place that I had experienced. Before going into analysis of that particular event, the process of a conflict and its results needed to be known, since the idea of this reflective article is to explore how a conflict can be managed in practice and why. ...
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