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We are currently living in an era of globalisation and are witnessing, not only the figurative elimination of national boundaries but intensive and extensive cross-cultural communications. English is, needless to say, the lingua franca of this new era. From a personal perspective, however, Spanish is a close second.


The implication here is that by studying Spanish, not only would I be preparing myself for seamless communication with millions of people but would be giving myself the tools requisite for the comprehension of both Portuguese and Italian. The implication here is that by studying Spanish I would be unlocking worlds before me; worlds which had previously been sealed because of my inability to comprehend or communicate with its inhabitants in their language.
My professional and career ambitions have also, and in a very fundamental way, contributed to my decision to study Spanish. Business is no longer a local but an international activity. Companies which remain locked within the confines of their national borders and cultures are companies which are unable to either recognize or positively exploit the market opportunities which globalization extends. I neither intend to ignore opportunities or confine myself to any single culture simply because I do not speak the requisite language(s). Realising the market and business opportunities which exist in South and Central America, not to mention various parts of the United States itself, I realised that the constructive and positive exploitation of these opportunities could be substantially facilitated by my knowledge of the nation and native language of these countries and people. ...
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