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Manager in a News Paper Office

The inputs from different parts of the country may be from network of the company and the inputs regarding news all over the world can come through internet. Extracting news or inputs from network of the company involves managers who work under him and are responsible for collecting the inputs. The next part involves the middle management that exists between the person we discuss and the managers mentioned just above. The middle management compile the data according to the instructions and then pass on to the immediate subordinates of the person, whom we are about to discuss in this paper. The managerial role of Editor involves interpersonal, informational and discretional management. The interpersonal management deals with coordination of field staff and desk staff. The informational role plays a major role in being connected as presentation and organizing the news is the production activity in a news paper. The discretional management lies in deciding the presentation of news and articles according to contemporary needs of the society and subscribers. The real responsibility of the Manager (Editor) lies here as he has to go through the compiled or short listed inputs and then has to decide the placement of the news in different pages of the News Paper. ...
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The person in the managerial position considered in this paper is a manager (Editor) in a News Paper Office and is responsible for the output of the printed edition of the News Paper. As the production mentioned here is different (news) from other productions, there will be no substantial changes in productivity but creative every day…
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