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Essay example - Problem Customers

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When we consider marketing, it is important to keep in mind that the customers come in all sizes, shapes and personalities. Some customers are more profitable than others. Some are easy to deal with and some others are difficult to deal with.1 The last type of customers is not only difficult to deal with but also problematic and some of them are not profitable for the business.

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Before talking about the three types of scenarios for three types of problem customers, let us talk about the problem customers who should be fired out of the marketing circle of the company. This is possible when the company is sure about the service offered by it is up to the point of maximum quality. They can rely on the point that the complaint of more than one customer only can be considered. If only one customer continues to complaint more than once and twice and if other customers are not facing the problems faced by this customer, it is fine for the company to fire him out. The reason behind is maintaining the customer is not cost effective for the company. 1
In dealing with the 1st type of customers they try to pay the bill a little bit late but want to avoid the penalty. If the late is understandable and not a loss to the company, the executive or a manager can take the decision of not imparting on him the penalty and it can be conveyed to the customers. This makes the problem customer who delays the payment but not fails, stick to the company.
In dealing with the 2nd type of problem customers they delay the payment of instalment due to the dissatisfaction of the working of the instrument they buy on instalments. ...
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